ISPM won the first awards of the Olympiad in Informatics of Madagascar in 2012 for his first participation.
According to the Shanghai ranking of Universities, ISPM is ranked among the top ten universities of Madagascar (among the 140 public and private universities).



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Antananarivo MADAGASCAR

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Departments & Courses

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Computer science & Telecommunications


Computing System Management, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (IGGLIA)

All companies (public or private) have to use computer tools especially Computing System Management in order to develop. The Computing System Management, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence course aims to the education of Engineers and Technicians able to control all computer technics for the management of companies.


Electronics, Computing Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (ESIIA)

Computer science is not just the software. Computer is first of all from Electronics which is also the origin of telecommunications technology. So in this course, ISPM trains Engineers and Technicians able to control both the electronics, the structure of computers and basic computer applications.


Multimedia, Information & Communication Technology and Artificial Intelligence (IMTICIA)

Generally, this course aims to the education of the students in multimedia, new information technologies and telecommunications.


Computer Science, Applied Statistics and Artificial Intelligence (ISAIA)

This course aims to focus on the application of statistical methods with computer methods in various fields of economy. The curriculum is based on a deep learning of mathematics with the necessary IT elements. After this training, students can work in various branches of economy: banks, industrial enterprises, commercial enterprises.

Business Administration


Trading and Business Administration (CAA)

Madagascar as almost all countries of the world opted for the free market economy where competition, particularly on the economic and trade side, is very important. There is also to consider the context of globalization. That’s why we have opened the trading and business administration course based on all marketing and business techniques and on all technics of organization and business management.


Finance and Accounting (FIC)

Public or private institution needs the finance and accounting department services. Both departments are the company key departments. That is the reason for why we have opened this course which is aimed to educate students in various quantitative Technics of business management such as finance and accounting.


Law (DTJA)

In this course, the ISPM wants to train lawyers able to control all legal techniques both national and international. The originality of this course is the use of computer tools. The law technicians educated by the ISPM can work either in government or in private enterprise.


Economy and Project Management (EMP)

The control of economic techniques is essential to leaders of government and private enterprise at all levels. In this course, the ISPM wants to train economists able to do objective economic analysis, relational and apply them to the realities of the company.

Biotechnology and agronomy


Food Industry (IAA)

The food industries have a place and an important role in our economy. ISPM aims to train quality managerial staff for these companies.


Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Industries (PIP)

The existence of endemic medicinal plants is a reality in Madagascar. ISPM would like to highlight the therapeutic properties of these plants in a scientific way.


Agronomy Science and Technology (AEE)

Over 80% of Malagasy live and work in countryside. Moreover, it is clear that the primary sector is one of the important sectors in the economy of a country. That is why Agriculture and Livestock course is opened because we need young people able to apply the techniques and modern technologies in rural areas. They are also trained in the agri-business concept.

Industrial Engineering


Electro-Mechanical and Computing Engineering (EMII)

Any serious higher polytechnic school should have an electro-mechanical department. Besides, the industrial revolution was possible only through the control of mechanical and industrial technologies. ISPM through its Electro-Mechanical and Computing Engineering educates young people to control all the technologies mentioned above and also computer science. At the end of their studies, they will be able to participate in the industrial development of Madagascar.


Civil Engineering and Architecture (GCA)

Infrastructure building is fundamental to improve the living standards of a country. So, through its Civil Engineering and Architecture course trains young people who can improve not only the infrastructure, but also participate in the urban and rural development.


Chemical Industries, Mining and Petroleum Technology (ICMP)

In the current context, any country should have young people able to control different areas such as the Chemical Industries, Mining and Petroleum. That’s why we have opened this course.



Tourism and Environment (TEE)

Madagascar is one of the few countries in the world with an unique environment and having endemic fauna and flora. Moreover, the Malagasy civilization is also unique thanks to the contribution of both Asian, African and later European cultures. The Tourism and Environment course aims to teach students the richness of our environment and our civilization as they are the future specialists of the tourism sector.


Tourism and Hotel Management (TEH)

Malagasy civilization is unique thanks to the contribution of both Asian, African and later European cultures. The tourism and hotel course aims to teach students the richness of our culture. But, other cultures will not be neglected because the ISPM trains students able to control the different technics of both national and international culinary art.